Shockwave Therapy and Podiatry

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine. Its main benefits are fast pain relief and mobility restoration. As well as being a non-surgical therapy with no need for painkillers it makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various conditions causing acute or chronic pain.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic is proud to have pioneered the use of Shockwave Therapy in Australia since its inception several years ago and therefore all our Podiatrists have vast experience using shockwave therapy and have done extensive training in shockwave therapy and its applications.

Shockwave therapy involves the delivery of high intensity ultrasound waves through a special hand piece. The therapy was initially used in assisting the removal of kidney stones, in a treatment known as lithotripsy, via external application on the skin. This therapy demonstrated changes in the soft tissues in the skin, muscles and tendons which lead to the use of this therapy for tendons and other soft tissues.

Shockwave therapy has a number of roles in treating musculoskeletal disorders which allows for the immediate improvement of symptoms and in combination with other treatment approaches, can completely resolve all symptoms.

Dr. Aaron Bryce discusses Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy and Podiatry

Shockwave Therapy can be used to treat

Treatment only lasts 10-15 minutes and patients only feel mild discomfort during the treatment.

  • Affordable
  • In-Office Procedure
  • Walk-In / Walk-Out
  • No Time Off Work
  • Clinically Proven
  • No Drugs Or Side-Effects

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

The shockwave application causes a release of Substance P from the terminal vesicles of nerves which cause an immediate decrease in pain and this Substance P also causes blood vessels to dilate (increase blood flow) which facilitates further healing of the tissue. The nerves that cause pain are almost paralysed so that patients will do a task that usually causes pain and find that this is almost pain free.

Usually patients require 2-3 treatments. Patients usually have an immediate improvement from shockwave although it isn’t uncommon for there to be a delayed onset of pain relief a few weeks following the initial and last treatments when healing has occurred.

How Shockwave Therapy Can Help With Heel Pain

The latest technology used to treat heel pain is shockwave therapy. This treatment is now available at The Foot and Ankle Clinic. It is a gentle yet effective treatment for heel pain, reducing the tenderness of soft tissue injuries in just a few days.

Shockwave therapy involves the application of high energy Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) waves through the surface of the skin. Application of ESWT will then begin to accelerate the healing process. This will in turn dramatically reduce pain and promote healing. The body responds with increased metabolic activity at the site of the pain, stimulating and accelerating the healing process.

Swiss DolorClast® : Plantar Fasciitis treatment – (RSWT®) Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Application of Shockwave Therapy

Treatment only takes a few minutes. There is a reduction in pain after just a few days.
Your Podiatrist will first locate the pain through palpation or ultrasound. The consulting Podiatrist then marks out the treatment area and applies contact gel. Using the handheld applicator, your Podiatrist will gently deliver the shock wave.
ESWT is used successfully in sports medicine and in daily medical practice worldwide. The effectiveness of ESWT has been demonstrated in a multitude of clinical studies. With no negative side effects, injections or strong medications needed, you will be back on your feet in no time.

Your Podiatrist will typically combine shockwave therapy with exercises along with advice and use other appliances that may address the cause of the pain and subsequent condition to ensure the symptoms are less likely to return. This may include footwear advice, orthotics and compression garments, splints and sports strapping to name a few options.

The Swiss DolorClast Method

In a class of its own! Since 1999, the Swiss DolorClast® has been setting new standards in orthopaedic shockwave therapy (ESWT) as the world market leader, with over 6000 devices in use worldwide. The system, specially designed for orthopaedic use, has changed pain therapy. It ensures a gentle and efficient treatment with pneumatically generated shockwaves, which are transmitted into the area of pain. A treatment with 2,000 impulses only takes about five to ten minutes.

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Dolorclast shockwave therapy gives instant pain relief and stimulates healing getting you healed, active and pain free so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer, faster.

At the Foot and Ankle Clinic our highly qualified team of Podiatrists are all members of the Australian Podiatry Association and offer a combined 50 years’ experience.

All Foot and Ankle Clinic Podiatrists are highly trained and experienced in the use of Shockwave Therapy.

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