PODTHOTIC – Australian Made Orthotics

The Foot and Ankle Clinic is proud to announce the latest range of high quality, specially manufactured pre-made orthotics; PODTHOTIC.



The New Standard in Foot Support

Healthy foot alignment is recognised in the medical community as the best way to achieve long-lasting foot comfort. Medical experts agree this is one of the most powerful ways to conservatively treat disorders of the lower limb and foot. Conditions such as heel pain, arch ache, back pain, shin pain, sore toes, knee pain, and sore feet can be effectively treated with PODTHOTIC.

Delivering Maximum Foot Control

PODTHOTIC is a ready-to-wear orthotic based on our proven prescription foot orthotic design. The unique shape is universally accepted as one of the most powerful ways to prevent foot pronation. The shape and style provide optimal foot control, support and performance. Made from Dual Density EVA you can expect new levels of cushioning, comfort and durability.


Arch Series

PODTHOTIC Arch Series leads the way in foot support, design and technology. Made from Dual Density EVA it provides unequalled support, cushioning and durability. The shape and biomechanical design sets it apart from any other foot support. REAL COMFORT and REAL SUPPORT are assured.

Years of design and testing by Podiatric Medical Specialists have culminated in this proven foot orthotic support.



Wedge Series

PODTHOTIC Wedge Series is a rearfoot controlling ready-to-wear orthotic, which is based on our proven prescription orthotic design. Made from Dual Density EVA it provides unequalled support, performance and control. Use it with confidence for REAL PERFORMANCE and REAL CONTROL.

Ideal for conditions such as shin splints, foot pain, patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain), achilles tendonitis and other conditions associated with excessive foot pronation. Its simple fit makes it ideal for most footwear and all ages. PODTHOTIC Wedge Series delivers foot pronation support like no other orthotic.


With continued use, PODTHOTIC can give control and support to your lower limb and foot biomechanics, to improve or prevent a variety of disorders. PODTHOTIC can greatly improve your general comfort and enhance your lifestyle.

Proudly Australian

A triumph in design and manufacture this orthotic has come together by a collaboration of Australian medical, biomechanical and manufacturing specialists.


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