Flatfoot Surgery and HyProCure

All flat feet are not the same!

Flat feet are a normal and painless structural variation in many people. However, flat feet can be very painful, and associated with joint and muscle pain in the foot, ankle and legs.


If you have painful flat feet that are not responding to routine measures such as exercise and orthoses, you should consider a consultation with Dr. Mark Gilheany.

Once a diagnosis is clear a range of non-surgical and surgical options will be discussed with you.
Surgical procedures (if required) vary depending on cause and severity. Mark Gilheany utilizes a range of procedures which are patient-centered and condition specific.

What is HyProCure?

The innovative HyProCure implant is sometimes utilized as a stand-alone approach for the flexible foot or in combination with other procedures.

Mark Gilheany has presented clinical outcomes on the use of HyProCure alone, and combined with other procedures, both nationally and internationally. He has highly developed expertise in determining which patients are suited to this form of minimally invasive foot surgery.
Mark was one of the first surgeons in Australia recognized as proficient in the use of HyProCure surgery to alleviate the effects of misaligned feet, restoring foot posture, arch support and eliminating or greatly reducing pain syndromes.

With HyProCure you may not require orthotics or may be less dependent on them. It does not involve the screws or pins used in traditional corrective surgery for flexible flat foot.

For more information on HyProCure implants consider visiting: www.hyprocure.com

At the Foot and Ankle Clinic our highly qualified team of Podiatrists are all members of the Australian Podiatry Association and offer a combined 50 years’ experience.

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