TAC – Transport Accident Commission for Podiatry

  • Have you been injured in a work or motor vehicle accident?
  • Did your injuries result in you suffering neck, back, hip, leg knee or foot pain or injuries?
  • Do your injuries prevent you from reaching your feet, tending to your nails or lacing up your shoes?
  • Did your injuries affect the way you walk or the shoes you can wear or fit?

If your answer was “YES” to any of these questions then The Foot and Ankle Clinic can help you!

The Foot and Ankle Clinic have been assisting TAC clients who have suffered injuries for over 20 years and is able to work with your claims officer and legal representative to arrange necessary short and long term Podiatry care that you are entitled and aid your return to work and normal daily activities.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic has developed working relationships with many personal injury lawyers to determine if clients require Podiatry care as a result of their injury. This includes the provision of detailed medical reports to assist your claim and potential compensation.  In certain cases the value and extent of the ongoing, and sometimes lifelong Podiatry treatment required can amount to considerable compensation which is often overlooked.

This may include:

  • Regular nail and Podiatry care to avoid the embarrassment of asking someone else to cut your nails.
  • Performing a thorough examination and detailed medical report for your solicitor and/or GP. This is to support you TAC Injury claim and need for ongoing Podiatry Services and Medical Grade Footwear.
  • Working closely and in collaboration with any other health professionals currently assisting you for optimal treatment outcomes.
  • The supply and prescription of fashionable extra depth and width medical grade footwear. Such footwear offers a more convenient fastening mechanism than laces with better support. Also offered is a variety of shoe modifications to improve your walking pattern, help relieve your symptoms and prevent future problems.
  • Supplying medical grade socks & hosiery in circumstances where injuries have lead poor circulation and vascular compromise.
  • The supply of a range of medical appliances, aids and equipment. These include knee braces, splints, orthotics/arch supports and pressure relief appliances to aid your recovery.

How do I make an appointment to see a Podiatrist under TAC?

It’s simple! Just contact your nearest Foot and Ankle Clinic to book an initial TAC appointment and bring along your claim number. Or simply complete the form below and one of our friendly staff will be in contact to arrange this appointment with you!

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