Medical Grade Footwear

The Foot & Ankle Clinic prides itself on offering specialist medical grade footwear that not only have good support and structure, but also come in extra depth and width fittings to be able to accommodate orthotics and people with varying foot types.

Our qualified Podiatrists are able to guide and point you in the right direction as far as recommending and referring you to a reputable cobbler to have shoes custom made in the unusual case where we cannot accommodate a certain foot type.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic Podiatry Assistants are professionally trained to measure and fit you to ensure the correct size and width.

You don’t even need an appointment to call in, try on or be measured to fit our Medical Grade Footwear range.

Medical Grade Footwear

Foot and Ankle Clinic Podiatrists are registered Podiatry and Medical Grade Footwear prescribers and suppliers for:







Veterans Affairs

State Trustees

… and depending on eligibility can help you arrange applications and funding assistance.

Medical Grade or customised footwear may be required for a number of reasons including sever foot deformities, injuries and to reduce risk from trips and falls due to abnormal gait that is a result of injury, illness, strokes or surgery.

People with diabetes are especially susceptible and often require medical grade, extra depth or extra width footwear to provide for healing and prevention of diabetic wounds.
The supply and prescription of fashionable extra depth and width medical grade footwear can simply offer a more convenient fastening mechanism than laces with better support. For example someone with a back injury, chronic back pain or sever arthritis preventing them from reaching their feet or tying up laces may require certain footwear or shoes with simpler fastening mechanisms such as Velcro or elastic laces.

Shoe Modifications

At The Foot and Ankle Clinic our Podiatrists will often prescribe and work closely with reputable local shoe repairers or cobblers to arrange a variety of shoe modifications to improve your walking pattern, help relieve your symptoms and prevent future problems.
Such modifications can include:

  • Heel Lifts; for leg length differences that often result often hip surgery and replacements. Our Podiatrists aim to accommodate leg length differences with a combination of building up from the inside of the shoes as well as adjusting and adding a lift to the outside of the shoe. This has the advantage of better aesthetics and reduced weight of the shoe.
  • Rocker Bottom Soles; for clients suffering severe arthritis and subsequent pain in the big toe as well as to aid more efficient propulsion during toe-off. Recommended for those with Hallux Rigidus & Hallux Limitus, fused ankles, partial forefoot amputees due car accidents, diabetes, and ulcerations
  • Toe Skates: where clients suffer Foot Drop or drag the toe which causes them to trip constantly. Clients are unable to lift the toe of their shoe high enough to clear the edge of the mat or lip, increasing the risk of trips & falls. A toe skate involves removing the rubber sole at the toe and replacing it with a hard smooth leather sole, known as a “Skate”, this means your toe will glide over those edge’s rather than catching. Highly recommended for stroke survivors.
  • Flared Soles; to improve stability of the shoe where clients severely role ankles in or out when walking.
  • Caliper and Ferrule Accommodation: we can arrange for modifications to new or existing footwear for purpose of accommodating callipers.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic have partnered with DJO Global, who are a world leading healthcare company. The Foot and Ankle Clinics all stock and supply one of the largest ranges of Dr Comfort footwear and all our staff are professionally trained and experienced at measuring to fit.

The Dr. Comfort brand is synonymous with quality and comfort. Evidence and research based consideration has been given to the range of footwear offered, including a variety of styles from smart to casual dress, walking, summer sandals and supportive slippers that are lightweight, antibacterial and washable. These are available in a variety of colours, width and depth fittings and fastening mechanisms.  Importantly the service will also include provision for any necessary further customisation and footwear modifications.

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic Shoes


At the Foot and Ankle Clinic our highly qualified team of Podiatrists are all members of the Australian Podiatry Association and offer a combined 50 years’ experience. When it comes to the prescription, modification and fitting of medical grade footwear you can be confident that your feet are in the best hands.
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