Private Health Insurance Rebates and HICAPS

The Foot and Ankle Clinic offers the benefit and convenience of on the spot Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS) at all its clinics. Discover how HICAPS provides you with efficient and easy payment processing for your claims!

What is HICAPS?

It enables you to make easy and efficient ‘on-the-spot’ Private Health Fund claims for your Podiatry services with us. On the spot claiming reduces out of pocket expense.


HICAPS currently manages patients’ health insurance claims and payments through a physical terminal, normally installed in the practitioner’s clinic. It functions in a similar manner to an EFTPOS machine but communicates to insurers or the government instead of financial institutions.

In order to do same-day claiming, you will need to bring your private health insurance card along with you to your appointment.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic and its Podiatrists are affiliated with all registered Private Health Insurance companies. Our services are claimable if you have extras or ancillary cover that includes Podiatry.

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