NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme for Podiatry


We are a Proud Supporter of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is pleased to announce that we are a registered provider of Podiatry and foot care services to participants registered with the NDIS that may need Podiatry support.

We have over 23 years experience treating all areas related to Podiatry care and other associated conditions; we work closely with third parties including: the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, TAC, Workcover and the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP).

The Foot & Ankle Clinic has eleven clinics throughout metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria, all with disability access.

We are a registered NDIS provider and are able to provide services under the following NDIS categories:

  • CB Daily Living
  • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Assistive Technologies

We commit to:

  • Keeping you fully informed of the best treatment and support options available to you.
  • Giving you choice and control over the delivery of our services.
  • Working with you to help achieve your goals.
  • Communicate with you openly and honestly.
  • Where possible assist and help you navigate the NDIS.

NDIS Assistance offered by The Foot and Ankle Clinic

In addition to providing a full range of services we are able to assist participants who have:

  • Difficulty reaching their feet to cut toe nails. We can provide general podiatry care to relieve discomfort and prevent pressure areas developing.
  • Trouble lacing up shoes, by fitting appropriate medical grade footwear (MGF) with simple fastenings to aid in mobility and independence. We also offer customisation to include things such as heel lifts and rocker bottom soles, etc.
  • Problems with putting on everyday footwear, by supplying shoe horns or sock aids for the fitting of socks and hosiery.
  • The supply and fitting of Compression and Medical Grade socks and hosiery for those suffering with poor circulation.
  • Diabetic and arthritic evaluations and neurological and vascular assessments.
  • The fitting and prescription of Custom Orthotics and various shoe inserts, aids and equipment to assist clients with foot deformities, abnormal gait patterns and biomechanical abnormalities.
  • Surgical evaluation, advice and recommendation for foot deformities, warts and ingrown toenails.

If you are an NDIS participant now is the time to stop putting up with the pain or the frustration of not being able to attend your feet! Request an appointment via the form below and simply mention in the ‘Additional Notes’ any information you may have for our administration purposes.

Our friendly Podiatrists look forward to seeing you in Chadstone, East Bentleigh, Moe, Sale, Traralgon, Warragul & Online Store and Retail Enquiries. NO REFERRAL NEEDED!.

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