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Say Goodbye to Foot and Ankle Pain

The Foot & Ankle Clinic is a Podiatry practice committed to providing the highest quality foot care to the community. Offering solutions for foot and lower limb conditions, our team is dedicated to keeping you comfortable, healthy, and on your feet! From heel pain to nail fungus, The Foot and Ankle Clinic has been providing foot care solutions for close to 25 years.


In addition to our highly qualified and experienced Podiatrists, The Foot and Ankle Clinic boasts a team of friendly and caring Podiatry assistants, expert shoe fitting specialists and a Foot and Ankle Surgeon. All of our staff dedicate themselves to providing the standard of care you deserve.

In most cases a referral is not required, although Veterans’ Affairs, Medicare, TAC and Workcover patients will require a referral from their General Practitioner.


With eleven convenient locations, visit your nearest clinic and stop putting up with the pain!

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TFAAC Podiatrist Continued Education Portal

This page features education and training content for Podiatrists employed by The Foot and Ankle Clinic only and is password protected. To view it please enter your password by clicking on the button below.