Propét Footwear Range



Since its beginning in 1985, Propét has been driven by a mission to offer quality footwear for  hard-to-fit feet or feet in need of special care—offering a large selection of widths and sizes and styles to insure the right fit and comfort in every shoe. Propét is well known for its TravelWalker collection—popular for their comfort and versatility—and its line of therapeutic footcare products approved for Diabetic footwear. In collaboration with its podiatric advisors, Propét has developed the patent-pending Rejuve footwear collection to bring revolutionary technology to footcare. Rejuve Motion Technology works by enhancing natural gait and helps to alleviate foot and lower body pain often associated with over-pronation and the improper functioning of the foot.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic stocks the following in the Propét footwear range.


TravelFit – Womens (Orange/Pink)

Also available in: Bleached Denim, Silver and  Black/Grey

WAT012M TravelFit ORP 3V S17 n - Propét Footwear Range


TravelActiv – Womens (Silver)

Also available in: Coral Blue, Black, and White

W5102 TravelActiv SIL 3V S16 n - Propét Footwear Range


Travelfit – Mens (Navy)


Travelfit - Propét Footwear Range

MYA (Black)


WSR006 Mya B 3V S14 n - Propét Footwear Range


Gary (Black)


MF014 Gary B 3V F15 n - Propét Footwear Range


Life Walker (Black)


M3705 Life Walker Strap - Propét Footwear Range


Tilda (Black)


WSR005 Tilda B 3V S14 n - Propét Footwear Range


Washable Walker (Black)

Also available in: White and Bone

W3840 Washable Walker BLK 3V F13 - Propét Footwear Range


TESS (Black)


Tess - Propét Footwear Range


Four Points Comfort (Black)


MF020 Four Points Comfort Black 500x500 - Propét Footwear Range