Residential Footwear and Medical Equipment Program

The Foot and Ankle Clinic now provides residential and aged care facilities a unique and valued service which we are proud to say is one of the first of its kind in Australia.

We now offer community members living in residential and aged care facilities the convenience of an onsite service. This service includes assessing and providing “measure-for-fit” medical grade footwear, socks and stockings – all without having to leave their facility.

With recent research indicating a rise in fall rates in aged care facilities compared to those at home in the community as well, as showing that inappropriately worn and fitted footwear is a major factor in these outcomes, our goal is to help make these facilities a safer environment. This is by ensuring residents are regularly assessed and fitted with appropriate, professionally fitted footwear according to their individual needs.

Residential Footwear

The Foot and Ankle Clinic have partnered with DJO Global, a world leading healthcare company. DJO Global has over 35 years experience providing state-of-the-art medical and health devices and services that enable people to live life to the fullest whilst maximising comfort and efficiency.

This service provides the residential care facilities the peace of mind of knowing that their residents are wearing professionally fitted medical grade footwear suited to their personal requirements, minimising their risk of falls and avoiding serious complications from medical conditions.

Assessments are provided by trained professionals giving consideration to the individual needs of residents based on their medical history, activity, exercise requirements and in some cases in collaboration with the allied health support team. Importantly the service also includes provision for any necessary further customisation and footwear modifications such as heel lifts, split pairs, pressure relief insoles, orthotics and diabetic inserts.

The Dr. Comfort brand is synonymous with quality and comfort. Evidence and research based consideration has been given to the range of footwear offered, including a variety of styles from smart to casual dress, walking, summer sandals and supportive slippers that are lightweight, antibacterial and washable. These are available in a variety of colours, width and depth fittings and fastening mechanisms. Importantly the service will also include provision for any necessary further customisation and footwear modifications.

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