2-for-1 Breakthrough for Orthotic Wearers

As a Podiatrist for over 23 years Dr. Aaron Bryce from The Foot and Ankle Clinic knows all too well the benefits of wearing full custom orthotics. At the same time he has also realised the various frustrations they bring. Not least of these is the fact that they have to be regularly moved from shoe-to-shoe. “There is no such thing as one pair of orthotics fits in all shoes” Dr. Bryce explaines. “The problem is that the most comfortable and best fitting orthotics for sporting shoes and playing sport are not necessarily as suitable or easily able to fit in more refined dress shoes.”

To solve this problem The Foot and Ankle Clinic recently sourced the latest equipment and 3D scanning technology. This enables their highly qualified and experienced Podiatrists to prescribe and manufacture a more accurate and refined pair of full custom orthotics.

Untitled 1 - 2-for-1 Breakthrough for Orthotic Wearers

The new technology has improved efficiency and reduced costs. This is great news for orthotic wearers. Incredibly, The Foot and Ankle Clinic are passing these savings on to clients so that now they exclusively offer “2 pairs for the price of 1”.

Yes, for the first time ever you can now get a “softer”, more cushioned pair for sport and a “less bulky pair” for dress or school shoes while incredibly only paying the cost for one pair.

“Having 2 pairs will also ensure your devices last longer and are more hygienic. Obviously having the convenience of 2 pairs means you will wear your orthotics more often. Ultimately the long term benefits of this therapy will be better.”

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What is the next step?

Simply contact one of our 11 Foot and Ankle Podiatry Clinics or request an appointment online to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly, fully qualified Podiatrists who can guide you through this process and your options. You will be given all the information you need and opportunity to ask any questions. There is no obligation on your part to proceed any further at this time. However, should you decide to proceed and take up the opportunity to have scans done to make your custom orthotics, this can be done at the same time. Simply mention this offer when booking your appointment.

If you simply want a 2nd Pair of orthotic devices made using your original and existing orthotics for almost ½ the normal price simply contact your nearest clinic. One of our friendly Podiatry Assistants will guide you through this simple process.

For further information, please email: info@thefootandankleclinic.com.au or contact us

Orthotics Terms and Conditions & FAQs

What are the TERMS & CONDITIONS?

Essentially the only terms and conditions are that both pairs of FULL CUSTOM ORTHOTICS must be prescribed, ordered and fitted on the same day and for the same client. Under this arrangement the client receives: (a) 1 x Pair of Softer ‘full-length’ of full custom orthotics normally suitable for sports/casual shoes. (b) 1 x 2nd Pair of full custom orthotics that are smaller and less bulky for their Dress Shoes? Any variations to this configuration will potentially incur further costs.

I don’t wear dress shoes so can I order 2 pairs of the softer, full-length devices instead of getting a pair for dress shoes?

Yes, we can certainly offer this option as we understand that many people perhaps wear safety boots or casual shoes regularly and would prefer this option. As the full-length devices are more expensive to manufacture there is a small surcharge for providing this option.

I already have a pair of orthotics I had made elsewhere recently can I simply order a 2nd pair?

YES, The Foot and Ankle Clinic’s revolutionary new technology means if you have recently been fitted orthotics and simply want to order a second pair either ‘the same’ as your current pair, a softer full length pair for sporting purposes or shorter, less bulky pair for dress or school shoes then The Foot and Ankle Clinic can easily assist you. As this process does not involve the time required for re-assessment and scans The Foot and Ankle Clinic can offer this service for a considerably reduced price. Said price will be up to 50% off than perhaps you incurred having your original pair made. You may even find that if you have not made a Private Health Insurance claim for orthotics in this calendar year that you will incur very little out-of-pocket expense for a second pair. There is no appointment needed even and this can be arranged from anywhere in Australia. All you simply need to do is contact your nearest The Foot and Ankle Clinic and arrange to drop in or post us your current device. We will have a 2nd pair made as you requested. They will then be ready to collect or posted back to you. It is that easy!

Does the special offer apply to Workcover, TAC, SWEP, NDIS and DVA etc.?

No. Clients treated under the banner of these 3rd party organizations are only supplied one pair of orthotics.

Can I claim on Private Health Insurance?

Yes, this is no different than usual. It simply depends on whom you are insured with and what level of cover you have. You can claim your usual percentage of rebate up to the maximum entitlement per calendar year for custom orthotic therapy. So in essence you will NOT be out-of-pocket any more or less then you would previously having been prescribed and fitted only 1 pair of orthotics.

Can I have the scans done on the same day to save me coming back?

Yes, The Foot and Ankle Clinic has many clients who travel considerable distances to receive our Podiatry services. In most cases where this is the case or if you are simply “time poor” we can most definitely proceed to offer the flexibility of proceeding with scans on the same day as your initial consultation. This basically means clients really only need the one further “FITTING APPOINTMENT” to be fitted their orthotics. Perhaps if you fit into the above category ideally it is worth mentioning that you may perhaps proceed with scans and assessment on the day of your initial consultation. We will allow extra time to do so. We do offer a complimentary 3rd “REVIEW APPOINTMENT” as part of our orthotic therapy treatment which is recommended, though isn’t compulsory, if the client finds their devices comfortable and achieving desired results. So no need to concern yourself with travelling considerable distances to visit TFAAC and take advantage of this offer.

What if I proceed to have my orthotics made and I am having problems getting used to them?

Custom Orthotics take time to get used to. The Foot and Ankle Clinic has a combined experience of over 50 years of prescribing orthotics. We have fitted 1000’s of devices in the 23 years we have been operating. We believe our devices are designed to produce optimal effect with maximum comfort and fit. Having said that it is not unusual that there is need for minor fine-tuning. This is why our orthotic therapy fee includes a complimentary review appointment. This will allow you to return 6 weeks after you were fitted your devices. If needed, we will make any necessary adjustments. We provide as many complimentary review or follow appointments within the following 3 months of having them fitted that are needed. This is to ensure that you are happy with the results. We will even replace them within this time period if in the unlikely instance it turns out they are not quite right.

What sort of warranty do the orthotics come with?

The Foot and Ankle Clinic offers a 12 month warranty on defects. So if for any reason the devices break or are defective they will be repaired or replaced under warranty. This does not include general wear and tear and deterioration of cover materials due to perspiration, dirt etc.

Aaron scanner - 2-for-1 Breakthrough for Orthotic Wearers